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2013 - 2017 ( 1st Generation )

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  • Honda N WGN Custom (a good or a bad choice)

    Guys i want to buy Honda N WGN custom but i am quite doubtful due to its price. If i go for 2014 model then it will cost me more than 12 lac. I can buy a second hand corolla or a honda city...

    15 replies 2016-07-16T17:35:58+05:00

  • Honda N WGN “Wrench” signal in odometer

    I have been driving Honda N Wgn since last couple of months. Yesterday suddenly "wrench" signal appeared in odometer. I have searched online where I found that this signal appears mostly wh...

    9 replies 2017-04-04T16:46:17+05:00

  • Honda N WGN Start stop indicator description

    Friends, while traveling at motorway on my honda N WGN an indication light appear in the dashboard with A encircle sign, when i search on google it shows that this symbol is for auto start ...

    6 replies 2017-02-07T22:40:24+05:00

  • Honda N wgn Custom

    I am interested to buy a japanese car. Me and my family selected a car to buy . This is the model of car which we are going to buy : Honda N wgn Custom.I w...

    2 replies 2016-09-17T17:27:58+05:00

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